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  • Suppliers of CCTV equipment (analogue and Internet Protocol):
  • Video management and transmission
  • Installation of CCTV equipment
  • Training in security systems

We are suppliers and installers of CCTV equipment and systems. We are suppliers of both analogue and Internet Protocol (IP) security solutions. Analogue systems record images on video tapes that need to be changed, and images are sent to the video management system via analogue signals. IP CCTV cameras are similar to analogue cameras in that they have similar functions and features, but the quality of images is much higher, as images and sounds are transmitted as data. There are three different transmission methods for IP systems – broadcast, unicast and multicast. Broadcast is a one-to-all communication between the source and the destinations (with the source being the camera and the destination being the monitoring station). Unicast is a one-to-one communication between the source and the destination. Multicast transmission has no direct communication between the source and destination. Rather, the connection is made by joining a multicast group, which means connecting to the multicast IP address of the video stream. We specialise in all of these types of transmission.  A CCTV system consists of cameras and the video transmission system – we provide all of these products, as well as installation. We install both indoor and outdoor CCTV security systems. We are also suppliers of CCTV accessories, such as CCTV monitors, cables, audio equipment, power supplies and CCTV signs, among others.

A CCTV system requires the appropriate software to work and we are suppliers of different software for different systems. We also provide the service of upgrading your outdated software if need be.

We provide training for the use of these security systems.

We install CCTV systems for factories, housing complexes, retirement homes, hospitals, office blocks, schools and any other institutions that may want to make use of these security systems.